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Transcript of interview of Fr. Andre Mahanna with journalist Wayne Laugesen


Fr. Andre Mahanna — What I want to share with the public in the United States. America is the only hope in the world. America must not be confused. The real goal and the real aim for ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood or for the secularist movements in the world is to destroy American way of being. America is the only remaining hope for the free world.
What’s happening to the Christians in the Middle East unfortunately is a genocide. It’s a slaughter. The forced immigration. It’s a systematic global persecution not only against Christians in the Middle East . Um, you may want to allow me to convey a little bit about my heartfelt I will say philosophy. What I see happening to Christians in the Middle East is an introduction what is happening to the Muslims in the Middle East what might happen to Jewish people in the world as well. I think it’s a precursor of an indicated global attack against monotheism so people are Jews, people are Christians, people who are Muslims will suffer in some aspect the destiny of genocide that Christians now are going through. We need to stand against this wave.


Wayne Laugesen — What is at stake for Christianity in the Middle East?

Fr. Andre Mahanna — All Christianity in the world is at stake. All peace in the world is at stake. What’s at stake for Christianity in the Middle East. If Christianity’s light turns off in the Middle East, dialogue in the world turns off. Freedom in the world turns off. The aspect of diversity in the world turns off. You’re gonna have to kiss a goodbye for what we call diversity within the democratic systems in the world. This is what is at stake.

Wayne Laugesen —How can elected officials help?

Fr. Andre Mahanna — I am hoping that elected officials can help by first being cognizant that faith is a part of the nation. … Don’t take God out of the public life. This is the very first big key factor that elected officials must and I pray that they can do.

Wayne Laugesen — Why do you travel to Washington D.C. so much?

Fr. Andre Mahanna — Why to I travel to Washington D.C. uh very frequently I would say? My bishop asked me the same question abut a week ago …. I feel I am really called by God and its not making me sleep that I need to go to Washington D.C. to converse, to convert to chastise or to encourage when there is necessity and to pray, to pray with most of all, all the public officials in our U.S.A. government. An Apostle to the Nation — which I do not want to be exclusively playing a role in it. But, I want an entire movement in the United States that would go engage the public officials in D.C. in a prayer because I believe they are under satan’s attack … I had a lot of blessings that I had good ears in our government who were sensitive to the religious freedom and to the victims who are being suffering from persecution um so this is why I go to the United States capitol in Washington D.C. I call it the new Rome. Washington D.C. is the new Rome. Washington D.C. will be the new apostolic city where faith and religious freedom will flourish again in the world and will overcome this dark wave of persecution that is trying to destroy Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Being an apostle to the nation comes from my fear that the world has lost perspective that we need God in life. Life in many places has become so luxurious to the fact that people can take their own destiny in their hands and they can say “What the heck with God. We don’t need him. We can make our own selection.”

Meanwhile because I travel to distressed areas in the world, which is the majority of the world today, I see the experiment of the poor seeking more help and urging God for a response. The powerful nations are not taking into consideration the cries of the poor. (Runs his finger along his eye.) The needs of the oppressed. The needs of those who are being sex slaves and raped everyday and being slaughtered. So a powerful nation might be as a matter of fact now on the list of God’s anger.

United States is my second home. I do not want America to be on the wrong side of God.  My fear is that when God respond with justice, with hope, and with mercy, God’s response toward those boasting nations could be filled with anger, fury and fire.

And I do not want this for my nation. That’s why an apostle to the nation like United States of America will allow my nation to be on God’s side, to do what’s right, to repent to Almighty God and once we seek repentance our public administrations and our administration in the public life could as a matter of fact strive and will guide life and peace through the valley of death and evil and this is my hope from what I want to achieve being an apostle to the nation.

What I’m trying to invite America to be in the world today a church of hope and aid because the church in the Middle East is a church of witness and martyrdom. My hope through St Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy is to make America be like St Rafka in 1860 — cover (big embracing arms) under her robe all children of the world who are being massacred because of their faith in God and because of their innocence. America is yet to be a church of hope and aid for a church in the Middle East that is a church of witness and martyrdom.

This nation is under attack from three angles.


Today the world is going into a “magno, magno-nuclear worldwide war.” It’s going to be the first of its kind. Historically it might be called the third world war. I call it the first magno, cosmic war of its kind. It’s a cosmic war of its kind. And America will suffer greatly from this.


Support those victims who are now suffering in the Middle East making a very quick distinction between why we need to assist the Jewish, the Muslim, and the Christians to remain together and to understand that the crisis that is hitting the religious group hits all of them at the same time.


And the only hope of this world takes me to the second angle of the attack the global persecution against the children of Abraham namely the Jewish people suffered in the 40s and the Muslims who are being attacked by a schism of evil inside their own religion, the phenomenon of violent Jihad. Killing in the name of God is not allowed and it is an attack against them not against anybody else.


So the United States must understand this. And the third angle of attack is truthfully the attack of a globalist against a nation that believes it wants to be only a nation. America wants to be a nation. America has interest in the world. We do have interest in the world. We do intermingle. We are inter-dependent with a global world, but we are a nationalistic nation by means that we have our own constitution, own government, our own system, our own people and our own boundaries in this world. We have to be careful not to allow globalism into our land. If it invades our land the United States could turn easy n 24 hours into a Balkan or into a Middle East and in both cases America will not survive. Not a civil war and not a religious persecution inside its own territory. So my message is a message of hope and mercy.


SaveChristianMiddleEast / St Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy is a roadmap one sample, one example, that if we pursue it and we apply it to circumstances and in other angles of the world America will lead the world again into the light and we can prevent that giant magno-war from happening that could destroy us all.



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Reverend Father Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna, Special Patriarchal Delegate and Director of the Office of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the Maronite Church, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.

August 19, 2017

July 30, 2017

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