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America will safeguard the world

March 5, 2017

America will safeguard the world to be in the image of the kingdom of God.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, One God and Creator of all: Amen


"Totus Tuus" "I am all for you", the words of Pope Saint John Paul the II, who entrusted himself and his papacy to Mary Mother of the Church, in order to receive all the benefit as her child to fulfill God's will in every moment of life.

My prayer with you today is inspired by Pope John Paul II: I desire to pray with you a message of comfort and hope. America has elected a president His name is Mr Donald Trump.

Today I stand to thank God for our people and for our president.

I pray for healing and for acceptance.

I pray that the grievous anxieties of the ones who are suffering and demonstrating against the president will heal especially amongst the youth.

I pray for the citizens who voted for Mr Trump. To help the president reaching out and be a president for all Americans through reconciliatory efforts, deep prayer, concrete trust in his leadership, strategies, policies and vision.

I pray that the president's mature leadership will lead America to unity again.

I pray that our administration will lead with many initiatives of reaching out to all.

To take care of immigrants yet to protect America from terrorism, to support those who choose America as their home yet to do it lawfully and with respect to our American Judeo- Christian constitutional life style and values.

I pray for the young people in America to not get tainted by the political discord but to focus on seeking the truth and a good future for them that enables them prosperous joy, an effective life, and rebuild their trust in the America of the future.

I pray that our youth will fulfill their dreams, aspirations and hope under our President's leadership and through their unwavering Faith in God.

 I call upon God to shower the blessings of Heaven on us all, to draw fertility and prosperity from the goodness in our land.

I pray that we as Americans we become more spiritual, will cherish the Bible as an honorable root that gave us peace amongst people of various religions and beliefs, a land of faith, hope and love, a land that vowed itself to serve freedom and justice through democratic means, education and promotion of equal rights to all.  I pray we will not forget this original and Divine call to which all of us must strive.

Let us remember that we are still a blessed Nation. WE must give thanks. While people in the world overthrow governments and live in corruption and social injustice, suffer from severe religious persecution, America still shine from Sea to shining Sea. Let us give thanks that we are a mature Nation even when we are not in agreement.

Let us pray for our president, Mr. Donald Trump who has done many great things.  The agenda of good deeds is still long.  Let us pray for our administration led by our president in order to persevere in the good they are doing, in order to be protected from the criticism they are facing, in order to remain in the spirit of truth of trust in God working for the benefit of all citizens.

Let us pray for peace in our hearts...to learn how to dwell on the positive.  Let us cheer the hearts of the people so they will see all of the wonderful things that are happening and so that they will give our president the chance he deserves.  Let us accompany our president with blessing and prayers for he as a child in the Faith is truly and sincerely focusing to make America holy again,  to make America trustworthy again, to make America protector of religious freedom again, and therefore to make America great again in the eyes of his fellow citizens, in the eyes of the world, and before God.

It is a very trying time in our country and in the world.  Lord God, I ask you, save America and our president from the snares of evil and from the lies of the devil.  Protect him in the pure blood of your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Enable him Mercy from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, kindness and purity from the Immaculate heart of Mary...for there is a lot of mistrust and second guessing going on, a lot of confusion.  We as citizens, I pray, we still unite not divide.  Love one another, come to dialogue and remain in the light.

I pray we are the apostles of peace in our nation.  President Trump desperately needs our prayers at this time in order to heal the nation.  We must challenge ourselves to listen and not to judge.  We must challenge ourselves to pray for our leaders and show support for our president.  I truly believe with my heart that he wants a country where peace-loving people from all cultures and religions live together as American neighbors. Pope John Paul II once said..."By opening our hearts to the love of God, it also opens it to the love of our brothers and sisters, and makes us capable of shaping history according to God's plan". I believe our president has these values.  He understands the persecution going on against the most vulnerable people in America and around the world. He will do what it takes to prevent that persecution from planting its seeds in this country.  Yet he will return many people safely to their original homes where they really want to be.

God bless the many forgotten Americans.  My heart and yours must go to the laborers of every day's America.  To the homeless, to the poor, to the elderly who are in nursing homes, to the dying in our nation, those who once were the strong arms who lifted our nation.  I finally with you pray for the real stars of our nation, our heroes who are the members of our military and the veterans. May God bless our policemen and policewomen and our law enforcement agencies who are the real treasures of a safe America.  

May God bless our President Donald Trump. Ame

May God bless our new administration. Amen

May God bless all Americans. Amen

May God bless all of you for coming here today. Amen

May God bless, protect, save, forgive, and heal our great nation of the United States of America.  Amen










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Reverend Father Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna, Special Patriarchal Delegate and Director of the Office of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the Maronite Church, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.

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