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St. Maron was the seed of a large and wide tree -- the Maronites

February 12, 2017


Sharing the life of Jesus means to be called: Christ-like, or simply: Christian. This is who Saint Maron is: a man who lived his life believing in Christ to the extent that he, himself, became like the grain of wheat who once died, has flourished in hundreds and millions of people who are called: Maronites. I like to take this opportunity to wish a happy feast day to our Patriarch, our Bishop and to all the faithful people in our parish of Saint Rafka and in all the Maronite parishes in the United States and the world.

My dear brothers and sisters, today the Church also celebrates the Sunday of the Righteous and Just. These are the fathers and mothers who since the time of the Old Testament, with Christ, and after the founding of the Church, have believed, have witnessed and have followed the Gospel way: lived in faith, hope and love. These are martyrs, saints, apostles, confessors, holy men and women young and old who all of them accepted to be instruments for the Holy Spirit in their own personal life. These are the living Temples of God in the Holy Spirit.

Today in our life, many people we meet who don't seem to remember that they have a soul. I believe my message to us today is to remember that in us lives the Holy Spirit of God, and that we have a soul. Lots of times, I see generations of people who pass through life as walking dead. People who shake the existence only with negative noise. We have to be sad for these people. They walk and disturb life. Life for them is a major burden and they hardly ever feel happy. Our job as people who follow the path of Saint Maron and the righteous and just, is to break through the obstacles of these people's hearts and minds, to refresh the gifts of the Holy Spirit in them. Make them rejoice in God.

Holy saints are never complainers. Holy ones and the saints are never people of suspicion and doubt. Holy saints and followers of Saint Maron are never trouble makers, nor people who curse the Name of the Almighty or use the Holy Name of God in vain. Holy saints are the people who carry in them the seeds of the children of the Kingdom of God. They are the walking proof to the Victory of Christ over death and evil.

My children, my brothers and sisters, when you feel that in your life you are sad too much, you are negative too much, you are complaining too much, you are jealous, or a gossip, or you wish evil on people too much, this means that the Holy Spirit has dried out in you. What you need to do immediately is to leave everything and come to Church. Humble yourself, ask to go to confession, receive the gift of pardon of sins from the priest, the minister of the Holy Church, who has the power to forgive sins and to pardon sinners, then come and offer your sacrifice and accept the redemption of Christ in your personal life.

Finally, the best quality of the saints of God is that they are peacemakers, meek, pure of heart, hungry for righteousness and for the freedom of the children of God. These are the blessed ones of the Father, who will inherit the kingdom prepared for them since the foundation of the world.

Mary, Saint Maron, Saint Rafka, Saint Sharbel, Saint Hardini, Blessed Stephen Nehme, Blessed father Yaaqoub El-Kboushi are only a few of thousands of saints who in the Church of Maron stand as a lighted lamp that guides people to the pasture of life and salvation.
Be like them. Today, I can only tell a parent that when they greet their children every morning, or wish them a good night before they go to sleep, put in them the Holy Spirit, bless them and tell them to make the sign of the Holy Cross, wish for them to dream of the angels and to become saints in their lives. The best glory you can give to your children is when you make sure that their names are inscribed in the Book of Life, with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in unity with Mary our Mother, Saint Joseph, Saint Maron and all the Saints



Sharing with you the peace of Christ,





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Reverend Father Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna, Special Patriarchal Delegate and Director of the Office of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the Maronite Church, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.

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