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Purity of the Virgin Mary is from the nature of the light of God that came in Jesus Christ

November 21, 2016

Sunday of the Announcement to the Virgin Mary

My dear brothers and sisters,

The Purity of the Virgin Mary is from the nature of the Light of God that came in Jesus Christ to enlighten all the people of the Earth. May the Name of God be Blessed. May his holy angels praise Him.
Today, I like to pray with you all for the protection of the Angel Gabriel to come and protect all of our children. My friends, rejoice and be glad, for in the message of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin of Bethlehem lays hope to all humanity, and salvation to all creation. How can we not notice that the greeting of the Angel to the Virgin Mary brought Peace from God to all the children of humanity those who live in darkness! How can we omit Christmas as a feast of Mercy and the great News of Joyful news? Why would there be sadness on this earth when Jesus the Lord of all glory and the Redeemer of mankind is now coming to us in the flesh? People who are upset with life, rejoice and be glad. People who are brokenhearted, rise and heal; people who are not believers, praise the Name of the Almighty and confess His Holy Name so you will have life in the Son; people who are in anger, who dwell in fear and oppression, look up and breathe the Holy Spirit who overshadowed Mary so you accept Christ as your Savior and Son of God.
How can I convince the blind of the light unless they trust that there is light for me to guide them? Jesus is the light of the World, and in his light we all see the light of God. How can we do this? We can only do it when there is purity in us, when our hearts are pure. This is what Jesus told us in the gospel of the Beatitudes in Matthew 5: 1-10 when he said: "blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God". This is why the Virgin Mary saw and received God.
She is all pure–as pure as the light. Purity of the heart is the most difficult obstacle that people suffer from. People bicker and are mad and go into depression and commit sins and hate and gossip when they don't dwell in light and refuse to be pure. I call upon all of us together, let us be pure, let us confess our sins and let us see one another in the eyes of God not with the doubtful eyes of people.
The Announcement to the Virgin Mary is an Announcement to all of us people who await hope: people who want to serve the Lord, people who believe in the Light. This is why the Virgin Mary did not doubt instead she humbled herself to the lowest grade so she will be elevated by the Word of God coming upon her to the highest beatitude in all of creation.
Mary became the gate of Heaven to the Earth. Mary accepted the Word of the Angel because she knew that God does not lie, God is always faithful to his promises and God is Love by Nature.
This is why Mary did not refuse the Good News of the Angel Gabriel, for she trusted in what was said to her by him. Mary has no need to test God for credibility for she knows God said" Let there be Light and Light there Was" (Genesis 1). Mary trusts and it is this kind of trust that is lacking in us today in the world.
My dear brothers and sister, beyond Mercy, trust needs to happen. Beyond Mercy, Hope needs to occur. Beyond Mercy, the Vision of Heaven has to be the desire of our hearts. Ask yourself every day: Do you care for Heaven? Do you Trust in the Heart of Jesus? Do you love God? If the answer can be confirmed every day by a simple "Yes", then ask yourself: what is keeping you all from being in the light of God, from living in the state of Grace? The answer could be always that somewhere in our inmost feelings, we are liars and not yet children of God. Clean the lies and admit sin, come and humble yourself and stop depriving yourselves from the light of Heaven, from the grace of purity. Only then, only when we come to Church as humble sinners and we confess and receive the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, can we become like the Virgin Mary: Blessed amongst creation and full of Grace at all times until the end of the ages.


God bless you.

Fr Andre Y Mahanna


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Reverend Father Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna, Special Patriarchal Delegate and Director of the Office of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the Maronite Church, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.

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