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God speaks and the Earth trembles

November 14, 2016

Beyond the Year of Mercy that is coming to its end, comes the manifestation of God's Divine Justice to serve the people of the Earth in renewing hope and love.

My Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,
God speaks and the Earth trembles.
The faithful will rejoice for their trust in the promises of the Lord have been rewarded with peace and new chances for the Faith to grow. Praise be the Name of the Most High who rescues his flock from their foes, Him who rescues all life from death and changes all that is detrimental and evil, into what will help and benefit us. This is the meaning of the Divine Mercy of God. IT changes the hearts that are made from stones to hearts made of flesh. Sinners will repent when the Mercy of God is offered to them.
The Light of the just and the joy of the upright, who is Christ Jesus our Lord, as Saint Ephrem tells us, comes in the birth of Christ to dwell amongst us and to enlighten all those who dwell in darkness. Mercy from Heaven is the awareness that lays as the original desire in the heart of sinners who are in darkness to seek and to find and to be found by the Light of Christ. All sinners have to do is to call: "Jesus Son of David, Have Mercy on Me a sinner" as the blind man shouted in the gospel.
Mercy does not let darkness mix with light. Mercy does not let Christ live with Satan. Mercy does not let sin mix with grace. Mercy does not let God and evil coexist. Mercy brings Justice and the true peace of God to heal the wounded and the broken hearted. Mercy enables sinners to declare their rejection for sin, and their profession of faith in God and his redemption in Christ. Mercy is not the "kumbaya" nor the shallow peace of the devil that comes as the antichrist.
Mercy does not know hypocrisy and definitely mercy does not promote nor allow death in the womb of mothers.
While Mercy forgives the sin of sinners who ask to be forgiven, who promise to make up for their sin by penance and mortification, to serve the Lord by acts of mercy and charity; Mercy does not tolerate crimes and evil doers. Mercy sifts the evil doers to sort them out from sinners. Mercy is the gate from which the sinful children of God come back to their Heavenly Father through the blood of the Lamb, and is the sifter that sorts out the children of condemnation who are the evil ones who reject God, kill his children on earth and commit abomination against the Holy One of Israel, the Emmanuel, the Lord God Almighty.
My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, this is the time in which our Maronite Liturgy celebrates the announcements that lead us all to Christmas. This Sunday, the Church celebrates namely the Appearance of the Angel Gabriel to Zechariah in Temple when he was offering Incense to the Altar of the Lord inside the "Holy of Holy" called the "Qaddosh Qaddosheem."
While outside people were praying waiting for the Messiah to come, God has sent his Angel to an old man in age to tell him the "Evangelion" or the Good News (Gospel) of the coming of the one who is to prepare for the coming of the Lord. A Crying Voice in the wilderness, make straight the path of the Lord.
Today, we need this voice, so the Lord Christ can come back to assume all victory over all evil and to kill death our enemy. Today we need Christ the King who will come to judge the living and the dead. My dear friends, Pope Saint John XXIII teaches us and so does the Second Council of Vatican, that   "Ecclesia et Mater et Maestra Est", or the Church is a Mother and Teacher.
Today, we concluded the Year of Mercy by reminding ourselves of the motherhood of the Church, which opens its arms and opens wide the doors in the entire world so sinners can reconcile with the Divine Father. Beyond Mercy, the Church as a Teacher who will continue to teach the children of the Earth the Gospel of the Lord, which is the Word of Salvation and Life.
May life be for us all.

Fr Andre Y Mahanna


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Reverend Father Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna, Special Patriarchal Delegate and Director of the Office of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the Maronite Church, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.

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