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God's Judgment against nations and the test of love will shake foundations

October 31, 2016

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,
The Judgment against Nations and the Test of Love will shake the foundation of any human life that conceived itself away from the Faith in Christ.
No life will ever exist away from its creator.
Nations are beginning to shift away from the will of God. In meanwhile, the Church is being tried very hard with the lack of Love and the confusion virtues and the passions of the flesh.
This Sunday the church teaches us in the Gospel of Saint Matthew about the final Judgment that Christ will pronounce when He comes in Glory to judge all the people of the earth. This Sunday also, Saint Paul in his epistle to the Romans teaches the Christians the secret of survival in times of tribulation, and the remedy of death which is to live and love one another in Christ Jesus.  
In this context, the Gospel's vocabulary that is important for us to learn about is: THE DIVINE COMPASSION. In Greek: "SPLAG-CHNI-ZEST-HAI".
An ordinary person, who may not be enlightened by the Holy Spirit might interpret this word: Divine Compassion, as giving a second chance, or being merciful to all, or just letting go of people's sins without any accountability, or even to be merciful by allowing sin and grace to dwell together without bringing justice to deliver terms in favor of the unjustly treated in the world.
My answer to this kind of thinking is: You are absolutely wrong, and it is very foolish and dumb to think that God's Divine Compassion could be interpreted as weakness or as not carrying with it the judgment of God against sin. In fact, the Divine Compassion of God is a REVOLUTIONARY REALITY THAT CARRIES IN IT JUSTICE TO THE TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD, THE END OF EVIL, AND THE RENEWAL OF LIFE.  
William Barclay, in his book "New Testament Words" (ed. Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville Kentucky, 1964), describes the Greek Roots of Divine Compassion, as meaning that God is being moved by compassion. Consequently, the Greek root of Compassion is "Splagchna" which means: "the nobler viscera, that is, the heart, the lungs, the liver and the intestines." (W. Barclay, new Testament Words, p. 276).
What does this mean? The internal organs mentioned above, are the seat of the deepest emotions according to old Greeks. This being said, to be moved with compassion is the strongest word in Greek for the feeling of compassion. Accordingly, to be moved with compassion denotes that the man is feeling at the same time: all deep emotions of anger, of anxiety, of fear, and even of love.
Yes, when God is moved by Compassion, God is angry.
Yes, when God is moved by Compassion, God is anxious.
Yes, when God is moved by Compassion, God is fearing for his creation.
Yes, when God is moved by Compassion, God is fully revealed as Love.
This is what I meant when I said that the expression of Divine Compassion is a revolutionary reality of God acting fully on behalf of his children to annihilate all evil.
In the world today, I see that all events accomplished at the hands of Nations, are a total evil. The poor ones are not being fed; the true faithful Christian children of Christ are being hunted, persecuted, raped, killed, and the houses of worship are being desecrated, and life is being led to the slavery of the flesh.
The children who we call "Millennials" are turning to be "Millennialists" instead, which means lovers of death and haters of God. Christ is totally a stranger to the youth and the young ones today. Parents, teachers, world educational institutions carry this responsibility on their conscience.
The women and children are being led to false compassion, to false pride, to reject the true nature of life by means of sacrifice, in order to preach about an aberrant and deceitful way of life by means of false choice called: the liberty of thoughts and choices.
Evil powers are still arrogant as they stand in public and campaign  about their evil policies of killing children in the wombs, murdering the youth through addiction to substance, human trafficking, prostitution, Satanism, return of people to magic and the return to witchcraft and superstitions.
In my trips into the Middle East, into Egypt, and in my field work of Hope and Mercy, I saw people without roof over their heads, I saw children without shoes on their feet, I saw people hungry and dying from starvation, drinking dirty and moldy water, naked, not being dressed, oppressed and in prison. AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE. So Yes God Is Angry, this means: God is moved with Compassion.

God will Answer.
Be Careful of His Answer.
The answer I anticipate is coming very soon from God is his Judgment against all the nations of the world.
Watch for it.
On the other hand, while nations will soon endure the grave judgment of God, the Church is now undergoing the Test of Love. We see lots of confusion amongst the faithful, as many are turning away and not having ties any more with the Body of Christ, the Church.  Christians including Church Hierarchies and popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and ministers are not responding adequately to assist the poor ones who are in need in the world. There are over 150 Million Christians today in the world who are being persecuted because of their faith. The Church is still not united but it must start immediately with the reunification of the domestic church now and not tomorrow.
This means, families must reconcile and lead a Christian life with their children. The family needs to understand that prayer is no hobby like the sports, is not luxury or an obligation event of the Sundays. It needs to return to be the basic food of the family.
Priests don't dare to preach from their pulpit to their faithful for fear that some of their parishioners will walk out of the church. Faith and Trust in God have been compromised with malice, hypocrisy and complacency.
The violent persecution against Christians today is the outcome and the mark of shame. Consequently, Christians in the World, after they had started with the spirit, have now turned to become worshippers of the flesh.
Because of the evil effect of world's leading recent past, socio-economic powers of secularism and post-secularism; capitalism and neo-capitalism; communism and neo-communism; spiritualism and neo-spiritualism' religious fanaticism and the lack of true Faith, the Church is enduring this great Test: The Test of Love.
I feel bad that the Middle East and this country seem to be existentially changing from l ands of lights and blessings, to lands where the last light is being turned off in the world. It is finished. Only the faith can save the land.
Will there be faith enough in America to save the Nation?
I feel really bad.
Maybe the country needs the martyrs' innocent blood to know the real grace of God: The grace of salvation and the gift of true peace. Pray and be moved by compassion. Renew your faith, hope and love to God and the Church. Serve the poor, protect life from conception to death, whether it is convenient or not. Remember, true Life is in with Christ in Heaven, but the Passport to get there is picked up here on this Earth.

God bless you

Fr Andre YS Mahanna


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Reverend Father Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna, Special Patriarchal Delegate and Director of the Office of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the Maronite Church, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.

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